There are several ways to obtain SplAdder. You can directly install it from the Python package index using pip or you can clone the git repository and set it up yourself.

Install from PyPi

The installation from Pypi is very straightforward. You can install the latest version of SplAdder using pip:

pip install spladder

If you would like to get a specific version, you can do:

pip install spladder=2.2.0

Install from source

If you would like to get the latest changes available on GitHub, you can clone the repository:

git clone

This will create a directory named spladder inside your current directory. You can then install SplAdder locally by first changing into the spladder directory and then typing:

python install

If you are interested in using a specific branch, e.g., development, you would need to change into that branch first, before you install. You can achieve this with:

git checkout development
python install